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Our expert team of indefatigable wordsmiths and designers are ready to take you on that fulfilling journey to becoming one of the best Authors out there. Check out all the services we offer to make this happen!
Over the years, we have relentlessly maintained an undeniably impressive career and formidable reputation on Fiverr.com under the alias, “Bridget_writes,`` as a top-rated seller.


The Indefatigable Wordsmiths!

Anyone can pen down words, but only a few can actually breathe life into words. It’s easy to write anything; however, the ultimate question is: What impact do your words have on those who read them?

You can solidify the efficacy or potency of your words by getting your ideas transformed into mind-blowing and compelling content. How? It’s simple – hire one of the most competent GHOSTWRITERS you will find anywhere in the world.


Our works speak better than words!

All We Need Are Your Scanty Ideas!

All we are about is making you the reputable author you have always wanted to be!

High Quality Standards

We are not only promising to produce your books but we are assuring you to produce contents that will meet all levels of professional standards in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, diction, narrative, layout etc. Check through our portfolio to feel what we're capable of!

No Copyrights Claim!

Either you come with your ideas or content, or we provide you with original ideas and content, we will not be laying any copyright claim to whatever we produce for you as long as it has been duly paid for. You own 100% copyrights to ALL content we write for you and we will solidify this claim by signing an NDA with HelloSign before you commit any penny!

No Royalties To Be Claimed!

All we are entitled to is the fee we charge you for the service you order. Every royalty you gain from the use or sale of the content we produce for you are 100% yours... of course, except you wish to be generous; extra gifts are always welcome but that's solely based on your discretion and desire!

Full Book Production Services!

We do not just write and send you a rough draft, our prices on all our writing and editing services covers all services required to get your contents fully ready for publishing. Take our final submission and go straight into publishing!

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Our area of expertise

Jack of all trades, master of all...

We offer the following services in GRANDIOSE:

Professionals all over the world always strive to ensure one thing – satisfy their audience/clients and put a smile on their faces.

Musicians do this with their voice, while comedians do this with their puns. We ensure this with a grand use and twist of words while turning your ideas into masterpieces for professional publications and publishing! We edit, ghostwrite, design, and produce content just as easily as a footballer will tie his shoelace.

No fuzz, we can boast of over 1000 satisfied clients. Let our remarkable reviews and portfolio speak the obvious to you!!!

Grandeur Inkslinger Ghostwriting Inc. – The Indefatigable Wordsmiths!

Free consultation!

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How we work

Don’t be busy – be productive!


Narrate your Ideas

Enter the chatbox and tell us all you can about your scanty ideas and what you want. Does your idea need to be coherent? No! Must it be organized? No! This is why we are here to make sense out of your seemingly disorganized thoughts. We will chat for as long as possible until we fully understand what you will have us do. There are no stupid questions, ASK AWAY!


We Draw a Plan

After fully understanding your brief, we will then move to the drawing board to draft a working plan (Table of Content/Chapters Summary) that clearly outlines everything that will be embedded within the book or content. This will be a FREE service, and we will submit this to you first for approval and/or modification.


Approve our Style

Once we have concluded on your working plan, we will then go ahead to ghostwrite at least 10% of your content for FREE. You will review this as well and then decide if we are worth your investment.


Sign for Confidence

If you decide to proceed with us, the next action will be to sign a GHOSTWRITER’S AGREEMENT to solidify further and legalize our working relationship. We will be signing this with “HelloSign,” a universally recognized digital signature platform.


Let’s Fly Together

Next, we proceed with your project in earnest. You can be sure to get regular updates on the progress of your content production, as we have a standard policy to submit in chunks for our clients to review and approve as we go. So, REVISIONS offered could be said to be UNLIMTED since you will always review in chunks as we go.

Bonus Offers

  • FREE Table of Content or Fiction Chapters Summary Before You Make Any Payment.
  • First 10% of Your Content To Be Produced for FREE for you to approve our writing style before you commit any funds!
  • A FREE Copyrighted Draft of Your Designs to Be Made For Approval Before You Pay for It.
  • FREE 3D Mockup Book Cover Designs

What to Expect

  • Extensive Research
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapters Summary for Fiction
  • 100% Unique and Plagiarism Free Contents
  • Excellent Grammar and Diction
  • 100% Copyrights Transfer
  • Professional Formatting for Publish
  • Book Cover Design, Illustration


The Indefatigable Wordsmiths!

You are just one step away from being that great AUTHOR you have always dreamed of becoming. Check out our services, portfolio, and reviews to help you decide why you need to try us out!

+2348186270466 (Calls, WhatsApp and Telegram)