OLAYODE Oluwatobi Moses

Executive Director and Head Writer


OLAYODE Oluwatobi Moses is the Executive Director and Head Writer of Grandeur Inkslinger Ghostwriting Company. He is a ghostwriter and freelance writer whose primary passion is to help aspiring authors all over the world actualize their dreams of publishing their own books in their own names. He is an indefatigable wordsmith who has a knuckle for grandly twisting words into impressive and engaging content. With an impressive educational background and over 8 years of professional creative writing and editing experience, he expertly connects with your ideas, analyzes, and brings them to life with his word ingenuity.

He does this vehemently with the undying help and support of his beautiful wife, OLAYODE Oluwatayomi Folasayo (Bridget), who is the Managing Director, PR, and Accountant of the company.


Phone : +2348186270466
Email : info@ginkslinger.com