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Our design services include every graphical service required in relation to the production of your book. We are focused on two basic aspects of design:

  1. Book Cover Design

Imagine buying a book from the bookstore, and it doesn’t have a book cover. How will that make you feel about the book? Disgusted, right? Yeah, that’s how people will feel if you present them your eBook or books without a graphical cover to illustrate and depict what they want to purchase from you. A cover goes beyond just designing as you deem fit; it requires an in-depth thought process to represent your book most efficiently and attractively. Either you have your pre-thought ideas or would like us to come up with genius ideas for your book cover, we got you covered. Our cover design comes in the following variants:

  • Front Cover Only
  • Paperback (Front and Back Covers)
  • ACX Audio Book Cover

**Please note that each of these variants come with a 3D Mockup Design of the same cover and this is exclusively COMPLIMENTARY**

  1. Book Illustration Designs

Texts alone do not tell all that you need to say. Sometimes, you need to illustrate your ideas to either explain a concept better or provide a graphical representation of an idea. Also common is the fact that children’s storybooks require a significant number of illustrations on some of its pages for it to appeal to them. Regardless of what your illustration needs are, we will take care of you.

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