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Never publish your books with those errors. You need a second eye to peruse your manuscript and get it ready for publishing. We are offering you both our eyes and our expertise to help make the most out of that content or book that you have already written. We will also be formatting your manuscript professionally for e-publishing.

There are two types of editing services we provide:

  1. Line Editing

Line Editing involves making grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and phrasal corrections all-around a document. This is the service you order if you are quite sure your book is good as it is and just requires a few tweaks all around the document to make it perfect. Here, we will not be obligated to change around sentences or alter the structure of the document; we will basically be correcting errors with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and phrases.

  1. Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing, on the other hand, requires a thorough editing process in which we will not only be correcting all those as mentioned under line editing above, but we will also be eating deep into the structure of the contents to create flow between paragraphs, rewrite several sentences to sound more professional, as well as move things around within the document as long as our actions are geared towards improving the general quality of the manuscript.

**Please note that if you wish, we could run a FREE Diagnostic Service on your document to determine and advise on what editing service is best for you to have**

What’s our editing service and process like?

  • Conversion of your documents to MS WORD, if not in MS WORD already.
  • Editing your manuscript using track changes so you can review all the changes that we make to your content to make it better.
  • Professional Formatting of Your Documents for Various Retailing Websites. You can be sure your manuscript will pass KINDLE, E-PUB, Amazon KDP Tests.

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